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This section shows favorites picked by the Squeakland education team.
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Ball Drop Analysis 1

by Alan Kay <alan>

This project shows some ways to analyze the ball drop experiment.


by Bert Freudenberg <bert>

Sound wheel

Fish And Plankton

by Scott Wallace <scott>

This is a simulation of an aquarium where male fish, female fish, and plankton are roaming. When they bump into each other, some events happen.

Bouncing Ball Animation

by Alan Kay <alan>

This project shows a multi-frame animation.

2 Points in the plane F1

by Avigail Snir at EtoyIllinoisS <avigail>

Geometric Loci: Relations between points A and B and the rest of the plane defined by the distances of points to A and B. Scanning gives a picture of the group of points in the relation. Examples: Middsection perpendicullar; Hiperbolas; Ellipses.


by Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki>

A remix of Walker.

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