The Squeakland Showcase uses a distributed ranking system, which is designed to give editorial power to those that have proven themselves. When you post projects and comments to the showcase, you may gain or lose "points", which are a measure of your contributions.

Every time you post a project, ten members of the community are chosen to rank your project. The points they assign are combined with your total points. Rankers are chosen based upon their relative point levels. Higher levels are more likely to be chosen.

Here's how you can gain points:
  • Posting a public project .. 1 to 400 points
  • Ranking a project .. 10 points
  • Adding a comment .. 5 points
  • Clicking "Not This Time" .. 1 point
The highest ranking project for week before last is emailed as the "Weekly Wow" each Monday. The cutoff for inclusion is Sunday midnight ET (5:00 GMT).

An account's level is indicated by a small circle next to each username. Here are the levels, along with the number of accounts at each level.