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Showcase Featured (by date)

This section shows favorites picked by the Squeakland education team.
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Bouncing Ball Animation

by Alan Kay <alan>

This project shows a multi-frame animation.

Salmon Sniff

by Alan Kay <alan>

This is a simulation of a salmon that tries to swim upstream of the river where it was born.

2 Points in the plane F1

by Avigail Snir at EtoyIllinoisS <avigail>

Geometric Loci: Relations between points A and B and the rest of the plane defined by the distances of points to A and B. Scanning gives a picture of the group of points in the relation. Examples: Middsection perpendicullar; Hiperbolas; Ellipses.

Computer Logic Game

by Alex Warth <alex>

This is an implementation of a logic circuit simulation.

Fish And Plankton

by Scott Wallace <scott>

This is a simulation of an aquarium where male fish, female fish, and plankton are roaming. When they bump into each other, some events happen.


by Karl <karl>


by Kazuhiro Abe <abee>


by <yoshiki>

An illustration of ellipse drawing

Ant Colony

by <yoshiki>

An ant colony simulation. Check out the comment for this project on the web site, then check out this description on the website, then check out the about flap in the project. Also check out the description.


by Bert Freudenberg <bert>

Sound wheel

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