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Interactive Demos

These Etoys tutorials will teach you the basics and challenge you for some fun!

Demon Castle 1

This is a great game-based tutorial for beginners to learn about "handles". If you are just learning to use Squeak Etoys, we suggest you start here.

Etoys Challenge

Each task in this series of seven challenges has a goal and a set of tiles to choose from to create a script to reach the goal.

Just Painted Car

Etoys is a great tool to model an idea through exploration. Begin by painting a simple object.

Car and Pen

Each object has a built-in "pen" that can leave a "trail" on the "world". Pen trails can be lines, dots, or arrows.

Steering the Car

Etoys objects can "talk" to each other. If you look at the script "simpleSteering", you see that the car is turning by the wheel's heading.

Follow Road

This illustrates a simple feedback system using a "test".

Middle of Road

After making the "Follow the Road", the challenge is now to make the car drive down the middle of the road.

Make A Movie

Etoys can accept input from a camera. It creates a series of still pictures (JPGs) from the movie.

Better Movie UI

This project shows some techniques for making a movie. See the "Make a Movie" project for the basics.

Kusasa: Introductory project

Get started with Etoys with this fun interactive book created by a team from the Shuttleworth Foundation.

Kusasa: Stash the treasure

Get used to picking up and moving objects

Kusasa: Fun Sun

Learn how to rotate objects using the halo and a script