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Showcase Featured (by region)

This section shows favorites picked by the Squeakland education team.
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Collision Physics

by Bert Freudenberg <bert>

simulation of colliding objects with gravity


by Bert Freudenberg <bert>

Sound wheel

Particles Epidemic

by Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki>

The way that a contagious disease spreads is often hard to understand. This project simulates such a disease.

Turtle Geometry

by Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki>

Etoys can do what a Logo system can do.

Random Racing

by Alan Kay <alan>

This project illustrates a fun use of the random tile.

seymour Quest

by Tim Falconer <teefal>

A sample storybook that shows many Etoys scripting techniques

Salmon Sniff

by Alan Kay <alan>

This is a simulation of a salmon that tries to swim upstream of the river where it was born.

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