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For a deeper treatment, we recommend these books that teach or inspire Etoys.

Learning with Etoys - Imagine, Invent, Inspire

by Etoys Education Team

This book covers a small portion of Etoys items. As you and your students learn some of the basic techniques, you will find more and more uses for them. The process of learning Etoys is just that, a process; the learning is on-going even though projects are begun and finished. Students will enjoy becoming experts and sharing their knowledge with others in the classroom.

Imagine this: A group of learners want to visualize what they Imagine so they go to Etoys to Invent their dreams and Inspire each other by building on their various Etoys projects. Today's learners need this kind of experience to be prepared for the future.

Powerful Ideas in the Classroom

Using Squeak to Enhance Math and Science Learning

by BJ Allen-Conn and Kim Rose, with afterword by Alan Kay

This "how to" project book includes 12 Etoy projects in a sequential curriculum that explore powerful ideas such as feedback, increase-by, acceleration and gravity. Projects are tied to state and national standards and frameworks in math and science. Best suited for learners grades 3-8.

PDF: Spanish / French / Portuguese / German

Additional chapter for new UI:Addendum

Amazon: Japanese


A book on Etoys in Spanish. Chapter 1 was written by our good friend Diego Gomez Deck, while the rest of the book was written by a team local teachers who are working with Squeak in the classroom.

The book is colorful and beautifully presented. It is available for sale and download.

Play With Squeak

by Thoru Yamamoto with supervision by Kazuhiro Abe

At present this book is available only in Japanese. We would love to see an English translation soon. The vibrant, playful and whimsical imagery in this volume makes it a must for teachers and students regardless of language.

Squeak Classroom

by Ayami Saito

Another Japanese-language introduction to Squeak. It is both a manual and project book written by teacher, Amiya Saito. It was designed and written for teachers and children and can serve as a great introduction to help you get started creating Etoys and other projects.


Learn Programming with Robots

by Stéphane Ducasse

The ideal reader I have in mind is an individual who wants to have fun programming. This person may be a teenager or an adult, a schoolteacher, or somebody teaching programming to children in some other organization.